The USAID/BHA funded Building Recovery for Kasai (BUREKA) which is implemented by ADRA is a 12-month activity to build upon ADRA’s successful initiatives in the Food Assistance for Displaced, Returnees, and Expelled Congolese 1–3 (FADREC 1–3). While FADREC interventions focused largely on food assistance, BUREKA is using minimal inputs of food assistance to support ADRA’s early recovery and livelihoods restoration approach. Working with 10,500 HHs. With the goal of contributing to the early recovery and livelihood restoration of the most vulnerable households through the integration of more intensive and productive agriculture systems, access to savings and credit, and ensuring access to safe WASH services, BUREKA provides improved seeds of commonly grown crops in the region and established farmer field school (FFS) to train in good agricultural practices. In addition, through the development of village savings and loan associations (VSLAs), BUREKA is encouraging regular household savings and training in basic financial management. Food assistance as well as improved access to clean water from rehabilitated springs and hygiene promotion are other aspect of the intervention.



Provide support to 10,500 HHs

Economic Recovery

VSLA support to 40 groups (800HHs)

Food Assistance

Provide food support to 1,200 HHs


Provide Water and Hygiene support to over 1,000 HHs