Building Recovery For Kasai – II

Background of the BUREKA Project

BUREKA-II which builds upon the effort of BUREKA-I, building on ADRA’s successful initiatives, which introduced agriculture and food assistance in Kamonia territory to support the livelihoods of local communities. BUREKA-II will focus on recovery through improved agriculture and seed systems, market systems development, village savings and loan associations (VSLAs), road rehabilitation, food assistance, and water sanitation and hygiene (WASH).

BUREKA-II works in the Mukwandjanga and Mugabe [Kamonia Health Zone], Tshibemba and Kankala [Kanzala Health Zone], Ndjindji, Kitembo and Nzundu [ Kitangwa Health Zone].

BUREKA target households facing extreme poverty and hunger. Beneficiary selection focused on food insecure vulnerable households (female-headed households, child only households, returnees from Angola or work in mines, and youth with an interest in agriculture etc). ADRA will provide some food assistance, year of agricultural support over the project period, VSLA development with literacy, clean water through rehabilitated 8 springs, road rehabilitation of 34.2 Km agricultural roads. ADRA targets to work with 8,000 households, reaching a total of 48,000 beneficiaries by the end of August 2024. Sixty percent (60%) of beneficiaries are targeted be female-headed households with particular focus on Child Only Household. Additionally, an estimated 5% of all beneficiaries is expected to be returnees from Angola, expelled Congolese from Angola, or IDPs.

Duration. BUREKA-II will operate for 24 months, from September 1, 2022, to August 31, 2024.

The BUREKA project is designed to provide support to beneficiaries in four key sectors to facilitate the recovery of livelihoods within the Kamonia territory.



Provide support to 8,000 HHs


Economic Recovery and Market Systems

  • Provide VSLA support to 60 groups (1,200 HHs)
  • Cash for Work – [ Road rehabilitated – 34.2 Km] 


Food Assistance

Provide food support to 1,600 HHs



Provide Water, Sanitation and Hygiene support to over 1,000 HHs